Tsuyama hormone udon noodle

A local specialty of Tsuyama City, ‘Tsuyama hormone udon noodle’ is receiving a great deal of attention at the moment.
Hormone udon noodle is a fried noodle with entrails of cows

Tsuyama has been a flourishing dairy farming region from old times, and it allowed people to get fresh meet and entrails easily.
So, it’s only natural that local people are eating them often.
Tsuyama hormone udon noodle was born from people’s daily meal

Of course, we’ve heard of it, but none of us have eaten it yet...
So, we visited a restaurant ‘Mie’ that has a good reputation for it
画像 596 
This restaurant is often featured on TV or in magazines.
It takes about 15min by car from JR Tsuyama station

‘Tsuyama hormone udon noodle’ became famous last year since it was sent to a competition of local foods ‘B-1 grand prix in Himeji (2011), and won the second prize

I’m curious about the taste

Speaking of the competition, the winner was ‘Hiruzen yakisoba (fried noodle) that I introduced on this blog before! 
okayamajapanenglish.blog6.fc2.com/blog-entry-20.html (Hiruzen yakisoba)

As you know, Okayama has a lot of delicious foods

Here’s it
601加工 画像 599
It has the appetizing aroma…
Let’s have a taste of it

Well, I really like it
The richness of the entrails, and the fragrant sauce… everything
It must go well with the beer

What’s more, entrails are good for your health as they contain minerals and vitamins

I found the sauce for hormone udon noodle in the restaurant.
It's only 400 yen.
画像 602 

It could be fun to cook Tsuyama hormone udon noodle at home with this sauce
What you need is some ingredients,such as entrails, udon noodle, onions, and a cabbage. 

                                                                                                                     ©Hareranman Okayama tabi net

tsuyama-horumonudon.com/recipes.html (a recipe written in Japanese)

By the way, there are other restaurants that offer Tsuyama hormone udon noodle in Tsuyama City.
You can check the list of the restaurants  in ‘Tsuyama Hormone udon map’
The map is handed away at Tsuyama City tourist imformation or Okayama airport.
Or how about checking it on the website
tsuyama-horumonudon.com/map.shtml    (map)

Please try 'Tsuyama hormone udon noodle' once

Address: 441-5 Kamigawara, Tsuyama City
Tel: 0868-23-3972
Opening time: 11:30-14:00, 17:00-21:00 (Tuesday-Saturday) 
                         11:30-15:00(Sundays and holidays)
Close: Mondays
Menu: Tsuyama hormone udon noodle 800yen 




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